Looking Frontwards and Backwards Ilona Erwin Dec 24, 2013 1 Comment

We develop sort of an owl-like vision where we swivel our view to face the direct past or look into the future. I guess it is part of the planning process that leads to our New Year's divide, resulting in resolutions and plans.

This past year was, overall, a good gardening year for me; although I did end the season with an injury to my knee which is taking lots of time to heal. Still, I powered through it to plant last minute bulbs ...ending during the Thanksgiving holiday -right before we entered the deep freeze in Ohio.

 I look forward to developing more of my garden writing here and on my website. This blog template will probably change again soon, until I settle on one that creates the atmosphere that most complements where the writing will be going.

My husband has regained an interest in recording his projects in the Old House Blog , so we will be working on writing together there. He is an excellent read- and really is fueled by comments- so why not visit and leave a word or two on his latest postings?

 In the garden I don't know where the coming year will take it. Last year saw more food gardening, maintenance, and restoration. I think that will continue, but I am excited to see the new bulb plantings and how they turn out this coming spring. I will decide whether to replant replacements for many of the plants that were lost over the years, although I cannot maintain the types of gardens I used to have. Mature years require a different sort of gardening from me.

My plans are still vague, because after all I'm still in the midst of Christmas (just finished the yearly blog marathon of daily devotions for Advent.)

Are you going to make New Year resolutions for 2014? I do, every year. It helps to track me through goals I'd like to accomplish and keeps me from getting distracted and then bogged down into a sort of a state of inactivity. The resolutions get blogged, and then referred back to and progress measured. It works for me!

I wonder what some of you are planning, in gardens and plantings and what is going to be most interesting to you? Are you gong to increase, maintain, or cut back on gardening? Are flowers or food going to be your focus?  I'd love to know.

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  1. HI Ilona: Enjoyed you posts and looking forward for more next year.

    Have a wonderful evening,


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