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 I always wanted to attend one of those Garden Blogger conferences that have been held in years past, but could never work out all the logistics. Now there is an official sort of conference being held in Atlanta and I decided to go ahead and commit, even though I felt the fee was a bit steep.

Thankfully there was a bit of an early discount applied (good until August 10), which took a little of the bite out of it. And thus far it looks like I am going! I am really looking forward to meeting bloggers that I heretofore have known only through their writing and online photos. Face to face meeting :)

This is another step to becoming serious about my garden website and blogs. I also have relocated my site onto another webhost after struggling to keep the site clean on the hosting that I've had since I first got the domain name for www.IlonasGarden.com . So, with all the DNS changes and transferring what had become a fairly good size site ... there are some hiccups along the way. I'm afraid that the technicians are getting to know me well.

You might notice I had to add the WWW to the domain name... that was in order to utilize new ways of speeding up the loadtimes, which have always been more than is optimal. All this geeky talk shows that garden blogging requires much more behind the scenes work than you might think. Of course, I complicate things, but I understand I should put all that behind me and get on with the writing... and the posting of photos.

I also started the newsletter, which I announced earlier in the month. Time to get the next edition finished and sent out, already.

Back to the Conference Info

So, yes, the conference has a full range of social media behind it.
The Blog
The Twitter
The Facebook

Check out what's going on, and if you go I really hope to meet you there. I plan to be in full-on "meet everyone I can" mode.
There are speakers lined up and some I know, some I don't. But one thing about Atlanta - it has no dearth of good places to eat! And I will get to have Suno's, the best Hawaiian ice this side of Maui.

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