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Planting late- everything on sale

 I feel the pain of trying to make up for a month of gardening for the last few days. My body will no longer respond to my many plans. But I went out and bought flowers, anyway. I am hoping for a summer with plenty of rainfall and moderate temperatures.

There was a flurry of weeding, and the bench under the lilac finally was readjusted from its awry placement. The wisteria was trimmed so it doesn't smack us in the face every time we come in the back way. Piles of grass has been pulled from the garden beds, and lo and behold... there is a front walk under all that growth that was removed!
Lavender Walk -could still use some more weeding

The rains made the usually stubborn grasses easy (-er) to pull. Usually their tenacity makes their roots a battle to remove. There is always a time which is better to remove certain weeds than others. When going to seed and having some rain to soften the ground, grasses are easier to pull. When coming into flower, thistles are easy to either be mown down or pull out. If mowing them they seem overwhelmed by the competing grass at that time. Early spring when the soils first warm is the best time to pull dandelions, although they too seemed more amenable to pulling this week.

I had help with the hemlock that has been popping up everywhere. Taller than a man in some places, it is mostly gone from my front yard.

The vegetable garden has been cleaned up and I still have time for planting some bush beans. I went ahead and bought some chard plants on sale because I didn't get mine put in earlier.

The cilantro went to seed, but I found out that I can succession grow this herb, so more is going in this week. The plants of peppers and basil could use some fertilizer. The tomatoes are looking good,but no flowering or fruit set yet.  I didn't look at the back veg-garden, yet. That has more sun and those plants may begin producing. Just haven't made it that far back in the property yet!

It has been glorious gardening weather, and this topsy turvy season has been one that's gone well for me. I am always sad to hear of troubles in other parts of the country, but when we have good things in our own patch, we should rejoice i those things. So I am rejoicing, after having started the season with something of a sabbatical and vacation.

Having come back, my husband and I have dug into belated home and garden projects. He is presently tearing out old lath and plaster from a room we are remodeling.

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