I know many of you have done this, too, so I don't feel quite so guilty. So many times I know better, but I can't resist nature, not of plants or my own at times.

We are past the season of planting roses... the heat of summer is coming, but a beautiful rose plant was on sale. Forget the fact that you have no real place prepared for it, or even a vague idea of where to put it, it was a beautiful fragrant rose, and it says that it is hardy to zone 4.

Of course, that guarantees nothing, but the idea that this lovely thing just might survive the winters, just might perfume the garden in years to come, is all but too much to resist. So I didn't resist. I bought it, and now it sits with the other spontaneous temptations that I gave into this week. I just hope I don't do penance trying to keep these things alive if the weather turns dry this year.

And the roses are such a pretty shade of pinky apricot... and they smell so heavenly.

Apricot Drift

 A bit worse for wear due to not being yet planted, etc.

It promises to look like this!

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John Williams said...

Hi Ilona: We do it all the time. Right now we have about 10 Porch plants awaiting to be planted. No site prepared, no idea of where they will end up. Will be at working on when and where to plant them next week after some other late spring projects are completed.

Have a great evening,

Ilona E said...

I knew I was not alone! The only thing I hate about this is if I put off planting too long, and have all those dead plants to haunt me. That is not happening this time.

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