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Okay .
For many years now I have been planning to create a newsletter.  They fascinate me. But the trouble has been that I didn't want to waste my time or others and just push out stuff that is the result of going through the motions of one more thing to do.

Plus I am notorious for starting things and leaving them half crocked, either because it was too big for me, or didn't pan out to be what seemed at first so promising. Partly because life changes and the internet changes twice as fast.

Now you are wondering why I'm excited

Yes, I had to put a little color in it. Well, at first I have to admit I only have some ideas that involve chatting about stuff that doesn't really qualify as an "article"; plus replacing the idea of a feed as the only way to alert people to the big picture around here.

Although never adverse to sharing ideas or reviews on products, that is really not the direction I want to go, although I know that is what alot of newsletters are about. And I even like some of them. But, what I am finding in the plethora of social media platforms and circles and signups is that it all seems a little too much and I get distracted from really connecting.

I want my newsletter to connect me and you.

Doing it in a way I can manage... because I am awful at phone calls or balancing the learning curves and time sinks of so many things like FB, Twitter, Google+1, etc. I already have too many blogs to write in comfortably or even reasonably and you have too many to read, anyway.

I'll still wrestle with finding my place in social media, but the newsletter is a way I can share idiosyncratic little me with those who want and like me- somewhat raw (think SUSHI here). Yes, artful, fresh, and truly me.

Now you know why I'm excited

I want to share a photo or two without having to write an essay, I want to share links I like, and not be tied to a single reason or theme. I want to write to my garden friends, but not in the way that triggers my procrastination button.

Maybe the conversation will spill over in twitter and we can have a dialog, but this way I can be nutty if I want and not step on someone's toes... the offended can always unsubscribe.

I always liked lists, and this is part of that.

However there is a problem

 That is, I am so new I don't have any subscribers. No one to write my musings to, tell the backstories of my articles or send pictures of my vacation ( you know you want to see them, just like the old home movies;)

So, if you think you might like me, especially as I hit a stride in creating newsletters. ( for one thing there might be some adjusting to the way the thing looks, etc) Why not sign up and give it a chance for a couple months? I won't flood your email, I mean, look how I post! I would like one or two meaningful letters a month to be the usual.

Are you game? Here is the form... then I can start by sending off the first official newsletter of Ilona's Web Estate which I am calling "Garden Enthusiasm" for now. I probably won't be doing colored type anytime soon again... but the excitement had to be expressed in a colorful way. Now make me day :D

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Done that? GREAT! Now if  you'd give me some idea of what you like in newsletters, that will inspire me to tailor it to create something fabulous.
Eventually;) Just use the comment section in this post. Yes, I know there is the tiresome waiting period for them to be published, but we have to do something about the darn spammers who love blogs. Not you... it's them.

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  1. Let's see... it is the first day after posting this here and making announcement on FB... and there are 3 subscribers besides myself (I'm listed for quality control- have to see the end product in the actual inbox :)

    So thank you friends and supporters for being interested in this new project.


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