Christmas Seems Far Away Ilona Erwin Dec 6, 2012 1 Comment

 It has been a very mild December, so I have been working outside a bit. Catching up on those things that I put off during October. I was ready to take my knocks, and resign myself to whatever the winter would bring, but thankfully this window of nice temperatures and decent gardening weather has given me a chance to do some yard cleanup, clean the back porch, put up some Christmas lights (a humble display for sure, but festive) and clear away some garden debris.

I also did some organizing of my tools area.

I feel like buying some extra Christmas yard decorations, now. I think I will look for those lighted trees that go on the porch or something. This will be completely out of character for me, as I usually wait until after Christmas to buy any decorations or holiday supplies.

During Thanksgiving we went with the grandchildren to the Columbus Zoo "Wildlights". It was very crowded. I think it is wiser to go a little before dark, see the zoo, and then leave a short time after the lights come on....just as the crowds are getting there!
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  1. We've had an stretch of warm weather up here as well. I guess I'm glad it gave me a chance to do some outdoor projects that I didn't get done this past summer (think digging errant raspberries!)
    ....BUT---It's very hard to get in the mood for Christmas decorating whent there's no snow in sight.
    Hope the kids enjoyed the zoo lights--it's tough fighting the crowds, but hopefully it was worth it.


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