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Did Ohio forget Winter?

This morning I woke up to hoarfrost on the ground, from the fog of last night. It seems as if we have had spring all through the winter months. Thanks to the Christmas Rose Hellebores I have had flowers in my garden all year. That never happens...until now. A real first for me.

I am going to dig out some of my saved seed packets and see if I can grow anything from them. While a bit early for serious seed planting, I think I can take a chance with a few things. Why not? A little risk might prove a return. If not, not much is lost in the trying.

I wonder what our mild winter bodes for the growing season? One thing the frigid cold is good for is diminishing the insect population. And I have to wonder what the summer will bring in terms of beetles and other such bad bugs. I hope to have a bumper crop of Praying mantis to answer to them. Years ago I bought some egg cases and I have had praying mantis populations ever since. That was a great investment in the garden :)

I am over the moon with those chance Hellborus niger I put in on a whim some years ago. That is one of the things I find most fun about gardening. It is a lottery that always pays me a good dividend. Sometimes I lose, sure, but sometimes I win big with a plant that does well for me at a bargain. Even plants I pay a pretty penny for are often multiplying in my garden for years to come.

Of course, I have to admit to a selective memory. I have killed more plants than I have grown well, if we count those that die out through neglect or freak weather patterns. But the ones that bloom and thrive always seem to make up for the losses somehow.

I wish more of life were like the garden.

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  1. Good Afternoon: A few signs of spring here but winter is still around. Weather is unusually warm for this time of year so expect to see more in a couple of weeks. Florida next week so will have to see when we return. The word from Florida is that every thing is way ahead of the usual.

    Have a wonderful day,


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