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Succulent Garden Art Exhibit

Succulent pictures
Make Your Own View

This isn't a new idea- I've seen it showcased at garden shows in the past, but I think it is an example of exceptionally well done succulent planting. An idea taken to a level of an artist playing with their medium and exploring its qualities in a way that makes the observer take notice, and peer closer.

Another photo view shows that this gardener didn't limit interest to just a few frames, but a whole wall and floor containers created an artistic impact that shows what passion for something can accomplish.

Succulent pictures
An Entire Gallery

There is a lesson, here.

When we really love something, and we take time to develop our love and highlight it with our talent ... something wonderful happens.

I think this is what happens in the best gardens. The dynamic of someone who truly loves flowers and plants, especially certain expressions of them, such as a species or a style of displaying them creates something extraordinary. Too often we are caught up in Madison Avenue style thinking, led to believe that gardening is like a fashion or fad. But it isn't. It is more like art. With the same love and focus that makes anything beautiful; the same craft and attention to details. Just as couture is not simply a piece of clothing, a garden is not merely throwing the requisite plantings together.

Hope you enjoyed the show.

All photos by "FaroutFlora"
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  1. I agree that gardens are an art form. The succulent frames are so classy. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I really like these. Thanks for sharing.

  3. These are so gorgeous!


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