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The butterfly exhibition is coming to Franklin Park Conservatory. Starting on March 19th this year, the Conservatory will host Blooms and Butterflies and start it off with a Butterfly Carnival.

This exhibition is one of the most entertaining ways to experience the Franklin Park Conservatory, although I think there is something exciting about all their programs. This one,though, is almost magical. The brightly colored butterflies from exotic places are most unusual and will land on your hand, if you are lucky. They float through the air in the lush Pacific Island Water Garden, mingling with the Chihuly glass sculptures there and the plants of a rain forest.

"Franklin Park Conservatory is the only public botanical garden in the world to own a signature collection of Dale Chihuly’s glass artworks."[1]

Maybe it will impress you to create your own butterfly sanctuary for native Lepidoptera.
Butterfly Gardening
Make Your Yard A Destination For Butterflies

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  1. HI: Hope you enjoy your visit. Looks like a great place to go.

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