Make an Ice Wreath Ilona Erwin Dec 4, 2009 6 Comments

If it is cold enough and you dare....
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  1. these are so beautiful sure wish we could do this here without them melting time we hang them

    hugs, Cherry

  2. why not fill it with bird seed and
    other treats like the cranberries?
    form AND function, and birds right on your porch.
    i'll try this during our january is much more attractive than my weather-beaten feeder.

  3. That is such a pretty idea. The birds would love one with berries and seeds. The raccoons would have a harder time dragging it of too ;-)

  4. I loved it because of the simplicity, and the fact that it is actually very pretty. Worth a try no matter whether they lasted a short time or not :)

    The raccoons! That is funny

  5. It's too cold! (I'm a wimp in cold weather.)

    Beauty is warmth. For me anyway.

  6. It is certainly the right weather for making this wreath! I'm more wimpy about the cold than I used to be. I didn't buy any last minute bulbs to put in....


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