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I came across a resource that may interest some of you. If you would like to start a garden journal, but don't want to invest mucho dinero, then you may like one of these online garden journal templates.

Even if you don't wish to use the printouts, you might look at the type of info that a gardener would find useful to keep in their records.

Garden Journal Templates in PDF form.

Not All Are New

...but they are new to me

There are many new printables out on the net, so this is updated to point you towards these resources, too:

 We each have our ideas of what makes record keeping an enjoyable or at least efficient part of our gardening. From the ones I've chosen here, there is a wide range of styles and depth of detail. Hey, there is nothing with a good ol' dimestore notebook either, bu tif you hanker for more, the free printables are an economical and simple way to start keeping records which will be useful in many ways. Some of those are listed in the "Suggested setup" link above and some in a lens of mine, KEEPING A HOME GARDEN JOURNAL , as well as more reasons to keep your garden records.
My posts of garden journal resources:

You also may like the idea of printing out little gift seed packets for Christmas. Look at these with a Christmas tree graphic. Also PDF.
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  1. Those are awesome!!! I am going to have some printed. Thanks for sharing.

  2. What a great way to journal the garden. I'm going to save the url and put something together after the hectic holidays. Thank you so much for sharing.

  3. Cheers Ilona, you're a star.

  4. I am?
    Kudos go to the designer of those great printouts! :)


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