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The deadline is midnight tonight... and I decided at the last minute to enter this entry for "Flowering Trees". Just for fun, because I already picked the winners in my head, and I would not be among them. Two favs were one colorful closeup and one atmospheric longshot. I would choose emotionally, not being a photographer. Such beautiful pictures- I highly recommend that you spend some time viewing really pretty pictures of many different types of trees in various parts of the country. I also was awed by some of the magnolia photos- the beautiful blooms and creative compositions.

I really think that garden blogging is coming into its own.

Thanks to GGW for hosting these themed photo contests.

The entry photo is of the elusive silverbell tree, Halesia carolina.

Tags: silverbell, Halesia carolina
by Ilona Erwin

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  1. Beautiful picture! Good luck in the contest!

  2. Never say never. You could wind up being the winner, you know, because you never know what the judge is looking for. I like your Carolina silverbells very much indeed.

  3. I do say "never" and far too often! I'm so glad you do like the silverbell picture :) It makes me fell peaceful because of the colors and the memory of that lovely day.

  4. Ilona,

    And thank you so much for your comment on my photo. I just got back from vacation and saw it. Didn't this contest produce some really pretty images? Your Silverbell is beautiful, and I'm really glad you entered. Good luck to you!

  5. Kim, it *was* an inspiration to see so many beautiful pictures from a wide range of presentations. I think we gain so much from this and, thank you - I appreciate your encouragement :)


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