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Just a note:
Took a short trip to the Rose garden in town before making the rounds of graduation parties. It was a lovely time in the rose garden, but my camera lost battery power way too soon. I bought an extra on the way home and will take a second trip later this week.

The roses were in full bloom, it was a sight! I was more interested in getting pictures of the heirloom roses but it was already past their season. I did get a few close ups of specific blooms, and hope to make a post with a photo collage.

I also saw a baby bird thinking about fledging from its nest high up in an old black walnut tree. I'm afraid that by the time I return with my camera it will have "flown the nest".

I love that park, and remembered being there for summer dances ...oh about forty years ago. They have put in some new features since I was last there, but on the whole one of the beautiful things about this park is how mature it is. The design and the basic trees create an impressive public flower garden.
It is on my list of top ten places to go if you are a gardener visiting central Ohio.

Post on the promised topic is coming this week :) That picture was from last years collection of photos from the Park of Roses, Columbus.
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  1. Good Morning:
    "O" the woes of a photographer:

    Dead Battery, did not bring a spare.

    Memory card full, did not bring spare.

    Forgot to charge the battery.

    Didn't bring the other lens.

    Forgot to bring the camera.

    Just a few things that happen to photographers all the time. they make it interesting.

    Enjoy your day,

  2. top o' the morning to you :)

    wow, listed like that the excuses just sound sort of lame, don't they?

  3. Sure Do, just have to be able to laugh about it in the end.


  4. Since the neighbor's tree now towers over my garden, the rose bed is no longer - filled with roses, that is!
    So I must visit rose gardens, and I think I can discern that old rose scent... heavenly, Alice

  5. I think I would be as happy with one old rose as with a whole bed of roses... and a visit to another's garden is one way to enjoy the rose's scent. :)


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