Roses Scenting the Air Ilona Erwin Mar 12, 2011 3 Comments

I can't wait until I get to smell the roses again.

Paul Neyron, is an old fashioned rose. But nobody tells you that after heat, heavy rains, and the rest of the roses bloomtime being just about over and this guy is looking perfect and fresh as any super suave gentleman might. A real stand out in a garden filled with literally hundreds of rose varieties.

[Thérèse Bugnet rose bush.]

For June Gardening Gone Wild is choosing roses photos based on things like:

"– The photo shows a lovely rose, a rosebush, a cluster of roses, or a bouquet.

– The subject is enhanced by the way light shines on or through it, and/or casts intriguing shadows.

– Colors are vibrant and details distinct."

I selected some photos from my visit to the rose park recently, and the one familiar from my posts on my Thérèse Bugnet rose... even if I don't place I hope my readers enjoy them :)

Oops, forgot the name- but like the way the light hit it.
by Ilona Erwin

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  1. Very beautiful roses. Thanks for showing them and good luck in the contest. Your pictures are great.

  2. so many are really good- and thanks for your vote of confidence :)

  3. 'Paul Neyron' looks like everything a Rose should be. Just lovely.


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