I started the other day: hand pruning the Mugo pines by cutting off the new candles midway down. I didn't do it so well the past few years and my -now- small trees are spreading more than I like. So just started snipping and finished 3/4 of one and will get them both done this weekend. Just a bit tedious, but not difficult.

You can see how large I let this one grow, but it is off to the side and is fine for now, although visually it takes up space. The other one has stayed about a third of this size.

oh. and that is my favorite cat waiting for some poor unsuspecting birdie. Handyman and I call him "Bob", the kids call him "Assassinator". My favorite cat ever (I'm more of a 'dog' person). He has so much gumption and personality, but is slightly more scared of things since the time we got him "fixed"- didn't trust people so much after that. heh.

All about pruning your mugo pines, from earlier posting.

Grow a Mugo Pine:

Mugo, The Swiss Mountain Pine

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johanna_lea said...

mugo pines make fine bonsai, i have made 2....for proper growth containment, center candle is
pinched off early, all other candles pinched half off. central bud had most growth hormones, and other branches will flourish and maintain the nice rounded shape. guess its about similar pruning
for the "big" is traditional technique for most (bonsai-shaped)pines to remove some candles ( if you have 6, take off 2) this makes for denser
more thrifty growth, better for the trees. but always the Center candle needs to be diminished or gone, for good branching.
top bud always has the main
growth in it. vty j-lea

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