Imagination In the Garden Ilona Erwin Mar 27, 2009 3 Comments

A garden is a place for imagination. Joanne, remember that huge forsythia bush in your Arcadia backyard when we were children? that was a favorite imagination place for me. And the old, ravine side, ruined grotto by Flora Holly's house? I came across a video that made me think of the creation of such places in a garden. Maybe I will create one somewhere in my yard... for fun, for whomever :)

*** How to make a willow arbor video.

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by Ilona Erwin

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  1. Imagination is a growing being. It makes sense to start growing it right in a garden :)

  2. We have willow saplings that pop up down by the lake. I have been planning on using them as bean poles and possibly making spikes on a fence with them. I love the idea of free natural materials. Plus they are very invasive here in Southern Indiana, so no worries about loosing a few! Want some? Lol.... you pick! ~Brooke

  3. we also had that giant wisteria,
    growing on square trellis, draped with those intoxicating flowers.
    did you sit under that with me?
    i used to love the sweet all- consuming aroma, as well as the
    sounds of drowsy pollen-drunk bees...that huge forsythia was an imagination place for both of us, and most kids in the neighborhood, as well.
    maybe it was Mother Nature that formed our intense, fascinated
    interest in growing things,
    (and our many flights of fancy,
    as well!)
    -for all times in yards past-
    such gratitude! your pal, j.


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