Oh Darling- You Will LOVE This

This video is for anyone who is interested in saving seeds, particularly tomato seeds, but it is most especially for my husband. Handyman has been very interested in Survival blogs and their know how... and ( happily for me) has voiced interest in helping me garden this year. This is good news, I'm tellin' ya. Well, in this video is not only some good garden advice, but the philosophical thoughts that my husband would voice himself. Enjoy ...

found via MrBrownThumb

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by Ilona Erwin

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  1. I wonder where he set his jar of tomato seeds? When I save tomato seed, and I do as he does, my jar of water never develops the surface mold scum in that short a period.

  2. I'm really glad to hear that TC... the scum did look a little daunting. Do you have a post decribing your method? I 'd love to link it if you do.


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