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Tracy DiSabato-Aust is our local garden celebrity in Central Ohio. I rate her books as top notch- she manages to write authoritatively, yet with complete accessibility for gardeners of all levels. I just experienced one of the perks of Twitter and that is to find out that she twitters and has a site ( I just didn't know)

On her site was posted a video that gives us a look at some choice plants while introducing her book, "50 High Impact, Low Care garden Plants" which fit right in with my garden mission !

Take a look at her video, and pick up some tips for your 2009 plant choices-

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  1. Hi again Ilona. (A very pretty name, BTW) This is a wonderful plug for Tracy's books and I couldn't agree more. I'm anxious to get the newest one. I have both of the others and I love them.

  2. I met Tracy a year and a half ago and toured her garden. It was great! I wanted to take her cat Neo home with me! We hit it off famously. Cats just know cat people, don't they? :-)

    I enjoyed the time my mom and I spent in her garden and beautiful conservatory. She was charming and patient with everyone there and we were so glad to have the opportunity to meet her and see her gardens.

    Thanks for sharing the video with us!

  3. I wish I didn't have to moderate the blog- but the spammers found me, and I want to keep the discussion high quality, so bear with me if I am slow to ok a comment. I wish there were a way to guarantee it wasn't blogger!

    Welcome dear Coneflower - one of my favorite flowers. I was happy to plug her and just have been slow to post reviews of the many garden books I've read. I try to highlight whatever I find that has benefit for readers and gardeners. I don't get anything for it, I just like to share a good thing. That is probably true of most people, I think.

    I should try to visit her garden since it is so close to me. She comes across just as Kylee describes her, in both print and video.

    Thanks for the compliment to my name, it always elicited a positive response growing up - once they got the pronunciation ;)

    Kylee- I have one cat that I love, "Bob" the cat... and am true only to him;) Not much of a cat person myself, but he is the great exception. I'm still missing our old dog who passed on last year. Best dog I ever had.


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