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Karen of offers these ideas for filling your a garden journal:

* Pictures of gardens you like
* Results of soil tests
* Seed starting dates, planting times, and harvesting time for your plants
* Date of first and last frost for your area
* Lunar phases for “planting by the moon"
* A calendar for planning your plantings
* Catalogs
* Plants you want in your garden and their soil, sun, and water requirements
* A diagram of your garden with each row labeled as to what you planted. This will help with crop rotation, and companion planting
* Diagram of individual beds with plantings labeled. (Many plants die back, and you can't remember what that is coming up next spring!)
* Pictures of garden art, sheds, garden d├ęcor that you like and where you can purchase them.
* Upcoming garden shows and what you want to look for/purchase.
* The weather. Was it too hot, too dry, too wet, and how did that affect your plants?
* Recipes for your harvest (will help you decide what you need to plant and what to do with all those peppers and tomatoes you will plant)
* An envelope for receipts. My local garden center will replace a fruit tree, bush etc., within 3 years if it dies and you return with receipt and the dead plant.
* Insects: The good, the bad, and the ugly, along with the birds and butterflies that visited your garden.
* Before and after pictures are a must. The garden at 1 year, 3 years, etc.
* Garden quotes, stickers, and of course, pictures of kids, grandkids, and pets.

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