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Finally, the horrid heat wave is over. fini. All the things I loved about October were evaporating in the July-like heat (one of my least favorite months), but now all is back to normal. Now I can direct you, dear reader, to my October gardening tips, and let you know about a frost date selector ( no, it won't let you select your own choice...just your area;). That way you are prepared for frosts which, though we know they are coming, just seem to sneak up on us.
frost date selector

I saw that Reader's Digest has a new garden book out, and it looks good. Always liked their books and have an old one from years past "Creative Gardening", but I think I'm due for a new resource book. That book was geared more for British gardens, although it had beautiful combination ideas (which is the main reason I bought it). Ortho was ok, but too basic- really useless for a mid-level gardener,imo.
***well, maybe not new- published in 2000,but new to me and it looked like a very fine book for my bookshelf!
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