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It could only be Ohio, of course. Here's the story:

Worst Tax-A Town’s Money Goes to Pot

"Ever had to pay to get a toilet out of your yard? Well, in Chauncey, Ohio, you had better get out your wallet. To raise money for its $500-a-month streetlight bill, the town placed a wooden outhouse on residents’ lawns with a sign on the door that said, “Redneck Wishing Well.” People who found the latrine in their yard had to chip in before it could be moved. They could then pick the next home it graced. And these people didn’t waste their time: In its first two days, the outhouse collected $200."

Now here is what I want to know: why do people put up with this? Is it perceived as a "new, fun way" to pay taxes? I guess so- maybe it is the vindictiveness factor of getting to decide 'who's next'. What if someone decides it makes a convenient public latrine? Wouldn't you like a mess like that in your yard...yessirree.

from via a link on "Roger Bolger"

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