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detail of dooryardI speak of my own garden, but not being very adept with a camera I do not have too many illustrations of what I mean by the times when my own garden was in order. So I came across some pictures I had scanned in and thought maybe it would of interest to post those. Then, if you visit here very often, you would have an idea of what this garden looks like. I have various levels of happiness in the garden results- and sometimes the garden could look very disreputable to a visitor and bring me loads of satisfaction: like when the roses scent the air, or the visits of hummingbirds to my out of sorts phlox, or any of a thousand joys that are to be found in a gardened place.

But enough of that- we want to see photos!

The front dooryard garden:

front dooryard

The side yard:

pond area
This is looking over the little pond to my decrepit old barn in the background.
You wouldn't be able to see the barn if I took the picture today,the viburnum has grown quite tall, and the pond is practically filled with a rambunctious waterlily.

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