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"O world as God has made it! All is beauty."


Things have been busy in my neck of the woods. I finally have my own domain name and am in the process of setting up my garden articles there- my blogging will remain here. So that is the explanation for the slow posting here.... But there are some exciting things to share!

1st: I was accepted @ Garden Voices as a source for their compendium of daily garden postings. I love the concept of all those garden voices getting some exposure on a well run site like that. As soon as I can get back to reading and less of the nuts and bolts of putting together the new site, I am going to spend more time digging into the fantastic amounts of info that stream through the Garden Voices site. It is a real honor to be included.

Speaking of honor... Another really great garden blogger has come up with an exciting project. Kathy Purdy of Cold Climate Gardening will have some articles up starting August 27th. She interviewed a number of the garden bloggers in a retrospective view. Kathy is a wonderful writer who has been recognized for her work, and most garden bloggers are familiar with her excellent site. I was honored to participate and I guarantee you will enjoy reading the different stories.

These are productive days for me... Not just resuming my garden blogging here, but the weather in Ohio has been perfect for gardening lately, I've had a little help from the kids, and we are making progress in the landscape around here. Cleaning up and mulching around trees,taking care of the driveway garden, and putting the front dooryard garden back in order, I am almost ready to tackle the front border (sob). The backyard grass is finally taking on lawn status after the disruption of putting in a new septic drainage system. Everything is a far cry from where I want it to be, but there is hope on the horizon... And for me, that is the important thing. Kathy has written poignantly about this very endeavor- it really touched my heart knowing I am not alone in this love for gardens that must sometimes take a back seat in my life. If I could I think I would garden to the neglect of all my other duties! As it is, I am happy for progress so far.

I noticed beautiful fat bulbs on sale this past week. If I get to that front border I will treat myself to clumps of tulips for next year. I noticed my leadwort made it through and I love its bright blue blooms. It is supposed to be a ground cover, but I have not found it that strongly growing in my particular conditions. It is, however a presence... And that color of blue is not very common here, especially at this time of year. I saw somewhere that someone remarked on yellow as the color of August- with all the golden yellow flowers that are common among perennials in this month. It opened my eyes to pay closer attention and yes, it is true.... But there is the complementary purple as its companion, as well. I have seen numerous spots of Joe Pye Weed or Ironweed, Vernonia noveboracensis, among the golden plumes and daisy forms. It is a royal purple cluster of bloom of branched peduncles, standing quite tall in fields where they are allowed to grow. It isn't quite time for wild goldenrod yet and most of the golden flowers are the compass flowers I think. Golden fields in the haze of ending summer... the chill of September coolness is felt on the air, even in the midst of still warm and humid days. that certain something that speaks of endings and whispers a change of season is about to begin...

Many years have passed since those summer days
Among the fields of barley
See the children run as the sun goes down
Among the fields of gold
You'll remember me when the west wind moves
Upon the fields of barley
You can tell the sun in his jealous sky
When we walked in the fields of gold
When we walked in the fields of gold
When we walked in the fields of gold

~Sting - Fields Of Gold lyrics

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