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Or it could be, if you encourage your children to garden with you. Learning to love the garden and the outdoors in general isn't so hard to cultivate. Children have natural curiosity and usually a liking for the outdoors... but the trick is to get them to dig the work. Never fear, this is the season to scour stores such as Target for everything from butterfly nets to bughouses, garden boots or clogs, and miniature tools. They often come in the cutest styles and if you can defer your enthusiasm, they can be saved up for Christmas gifts. Lots of these things are probably going on sale right now.

Usually it is best to put aside a little garden space just for the kids, but you don't even need that if you don't have the room, containers work just as well. The important thing is a teaspoonful of success, a soupçon of fun, and a little actual effort.

Time to rediscover your inner child and connect with your children in the garden.
"Keep a green tree in your heart and perhaps the singing bird will come."...Chinese proverb

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by Ilona Erwin

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