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the food
I didn't realize that I had not posted the promised report on the wedding. It went beautifully, truly did -I'm not just saying that for a public audience. The flowers were too much work for two hands, but the bridesmaid's bouquets turned out to be exceptionally lovely. God blessed me with bargains and skill and it all worked out. The colors of the roses were really beautiful, a mix of cream and red and deep red roses wrapped in red velvet ribbon and tied with pink organza bows, which worked very well against the garnet dresses, just enough contrast to show up nicely. The boutonnieres were another story. Although the ones that I made traditionally turned out better. The others were in little silver pin-on vases that I thought were fabulous. But I didn't get the flowers secured well inside them. The poor guys were trying to salvage them and then gave up (they stayed fine through the pictures, well fairly fine).

The food was the highlight of the reception, Derek, the caterer, did an exceptional job- we had so many compliments from everyone- it was very satisfying. I did create the decor well-but could not have done it without lots of help from my boys. They really came through. I way overbought in decoration ideas- didn't use half! But I'm a fairly frugal shopper and, really, was totally inexperienced in what was needed. As usual I had ten ideas when I only needed a couple. But the Asian theme was very successful. I wish I had had more time on the centerpieces- they were a bit less than they should have been, my son-in- law did a great job on the lanterns, but they needed better floral work than I gave them- again a lack of hands. The orchid plants were a really good idea. I'm trying to keep them alive now.

I think it would have worked better if I had not been part of the wedding;) But all the wedding party looked so good, and the bride and groom looked so happy, it was all very good.

Of course I didn't mention the freak snow blizzard, did I? You should have seen me getting the flowers into the cars with wind blowing ice pellets and glops of snow ( I wore a shower cap so I wouldn't worry about my hair). The wind blowing open the car doors, yes, that was fun, but not nearly like trying to drive with near zero-visibility driving conditions) My poor sister and b-i-l kept calling to say how they were stuck in traffic and were doing the best they could ( their girls were the flower girls)- I figured everyone was in the same boat- and reassured them. It was a wild trip, man. Yep. OHIO. April snow blizzards.

We had strewn gauzy bows and festoons on the main table and the window sills. Rose petals scattered all around. Used some props (paper lanterns, parasols, etc) and all my large planters with those fiber optic butterflies and sprays stuck into the plant/flower arrangements.

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