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Printable Garden Journal! Look at this, if you want to put your computer to work for you... print your own garden journal. You choose your paper, and if you have a graphics program you could tweak colors and add in pictures. All the basics are here from seed starting to plant description templates pages.

I thought this was a pretty exciting find going into winter. For the Frugal, it could be a thoughtful addition to print up something special for a fellow gardener on your list, it could dress up a gift certificate to their favorite nursery or catalog.

And garden sayings, how about this one:
"My husband said if I buy any more perennials he would leave me
- - -gosh I'm going to miss that man!"

Veggie Fact Sheet PDF

  Printable Garden Sheets

Garden Journal PDF 1 

More Printable Garden Journal Sets

Garden Journal PDF 2

Simple PDF Garden Journal
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