Fine Summer Days Ilona Erwin Jul 1, 2004 No Comment

You couldn't ask for more beautiful weather than we've been having. It forced me, forced me I tell you, to go to buy all the flowers that I had decided against because the planting conditions had been so poor.

Then I worked till me bones ached and me back gave out.

As soon as I was back to the nursery and green house for just a wee bit more.

I put in about five Scabiosas because I like them so well. I am also trying a pale yellow one (ochroleuca). Finally got some Valerian -also called Jupiter's Beard, and have finally been weeding that front garden. Mostly, I put together container plantings. Nothing uniquely creative, I am sorry to say, but some pretty things.

The pond is home to some happy frogs. I counted four, they sit on the lily pads just like they are often pictured.

The zinnias came up nicely, but some of the other seed-grown flowers made a spotty show. I'm just glad to see flowers and sunshine.....

And blue skies...oh joy!

Now that the rains have abated it is time to buy mulch. I sheared the princess spireas, and have done a bit of judicious pruning of various shrubs such as the Viburnum tomentosum and the chaenomeles.

Been busy.

But not too busy to occasionally just sit in a chair in the sun sipping coffee and enjoying the birds and the scents and ... THE SUNSHINE!
by Ilona Erwin

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